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2022 The flagship line of the highest peak in the equipment lineup of VTG
VOLK-Dagger Plate Carrier
has been completed.

It is a plate carrier that brings a new experience to the wearer, with all new materials, designs, and designs.

The plate size is a compact design plate bag optimized for swimmer's cut (shooter's cut) M size similar to other series.
A shoulder harness that is thinner and has a wider range of motion by adopting a high-strength aluminum D-ring and a cobra buckle in a bespoke low-visibility color.
Air routes are designed in the center of the chest and back to ensure breathability.
Left and right separate cushion structure on the inside for a perfect fit.
A cummerbund that combines stiffness and comfort.
The CORE, which has a minimal flat design, has a flap that can be attached and detached according to the situation.
A compact radio pouch that can be used for multiple purposes with adjustable length.
Zip-on back panel with 4 flash bang pouches and crye compatible design.

Even though it has been carefully crafted so far, it is so light that you forget about gravity when you wear it.
This V-DPC is the best plate carrier that VOLK thinks now.

Introducing such a newly designed plate carrier into six major categories.

■ Plate bag

The plate bag, which features an inner cut that includes a separate cushion, is an ultra-compact design that is as close to the plate size as possible.
It is surprisingly smaller and lighter than a general plate bag that puts plates in a bag-like bag, and it fits any body type.

The design point is "Do not directly connect the plate bag and shoulder harness"
The plate bag and shoulder harness are placed further inside (body side) than the curve of the plate, and it is a mechanism that fits the body more.
If you look at it from the side with the plate inserted, you can see the round space.
By fitting the wearer in three dimensions, the weight of the orthosis is efficiently distributed and the perceived weight is reduced.

■ Shoulder harness

The shoulder harness, designed to be as thin as possible, is connected to the inner frame inside the plate bag with a high-strength D-ring.
Both the front and back are designed to move flexibly, following the wearer's various movements and skeleton, and not hindering movement.
Since only the left front (at the time of shipment) is connected with a cobra buckle, it can be handled more easily when attaching and detaching the plate carrier.
* The buckle can be switched between left and right.The shoulder pad is a practical design that uses elastic fabric (SAM1) with a moderately thick and flexible cushion.
Comes with a one-wrap Velcro that is convenient for handling cables, etc.

■ Cummerbund

A shock cord connects the cummerbund, which consists of a Tegris sheet core and a Squadron.
The MOLLE part is designed so that both the front and back can be used, and items can be added to the surface coaxial part.
Rigidity is secured with the entire material, and it is a specification that does not lose the weight of additional items such as pouches.
Due to the rail structure that expands and contracts with the shock cord at the connection part, it also follows changes in posture when worn.
Available in 2 sizes, SM and L-XL.


Designed for V-DPC, the new CORE-M4 RemovalFlap uses an elastic band to perfectly fit M4 size magazines.
The independent flap can be attached and detached with Velcro, and a loop for the bungee tab is also installed, so you can remove the flap and use the bungee tab, etc., depending on the situation and preference.

■ Radio pouch

A multi-fit radio pouch constructed with an elastic band and a Squadron.
It is a type that attaches Velcro tabs to the plate bag and places them on the left and right.
Supports long objects such as PRC-152, MPU5, MOTOROLA and other radios.
It is also possible to change the total length (pouch depth) using the adjustment hole and shock cord deployed at the bottom of the pouch.
By adjusting the depth of the pouch, it can be used for items shorter than the radio such as 5.56 mag.

We have prepared a set with or without a back panel, so please choose according to your preference.

■ Each part weight plate bag + shoulder harness: about 560g
Cummerbund (SM): about 120g
Cummerbund (L-XL): about 200g
CORE-M4 Removal Flap: about 170g
Radio pouch (1 piece): about 40g

■ Cummerbund size guide The corresponding waist size is as follows.
This is the number when the cummerbund is installed in the standard position.
*It will be more or less than the following figures by adjusting the mounting position and shock cord.

SM: 106±10cm
L-XL: 120±10cm

*Plates are not included with this product.
If you don't have a swimmer's cut M size plate, use this lightweight, curved dummy plate.


*This page is a sales page for V-DPC (plate carrier) only.
Please see this page for products with a back panel set.

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