Mag Pouch SET

Belt / plate carrier / chest rig is also OK!
A set of independent mag pouches and inserts that are easy to use anywhere.

mug pouch
A magazine pouch made entirely of laser-cut Squadrons.
Since it has a box shape, it can be used by setting a common insert for the VBS series.

The back side is MOLLE specification and can be attached anywhere.
Not only for the first line, but also for plate carriers and chest rigs.

Squadron with high tension and strength maintains a box shape even when the magazine is removed, so it is possible to smoothly return the magazine when inserting as well as removing it.
By making the insert separate, the outside retains the box shape and the tension of the elastic keeps the magazine securely.
I succeeded in coexisting good appearance and good usability.

For versatility, variation, and quietness, we recommend the elastic type, and for those who want guide performance that allows smooth insertion and removal without looking at your hands, we recommend the kydex insert.
as you like.

It is also possible to attach an optional bungee tab using the hole at the top of the pouch.

* JGSDF is TTGD 500D x 500D bonding nylon fabric (anti-IR treatment)

※please note
If you have 3 or more Kydex SETs or single pouches, they cannot be shipped by Nekopos because they are oversized.
Please specify Takkyubin Compact or Takkyubin.

*About handgun magazines
The elastic insert is made of a rubber band, so if you keep stretching it for a long time, it will stretch a little more than when it was shipped.
When using both double columns and single columns, separate inserts for single columns.