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Multicam Black
The mag pouch leg rig equipped on the leg has been upgraded.

The insert type makes it easy to match with the latest equipment while maintaining the convenience of being compatible with any magazine and the comfort of fitting to the leg.

■Upgraded materials The pouch body, which is made only of lightweight and firm Squadron, has a sharp edge like a laser-cut fabric.
The MOLLE on the front is laser cut to eliminate webbing and reduce weight.
Patch space was added to the flat surface.

A Tegris sheet plate is deployed on the back to ensure rigidity.

■ A structure that fits the body more The tegris sheet on the back is moderately curved, so it is designed to support the pouch and fit firmly on the leg.
Combined with the compact width of the pouch body, it does not protrude from the thighs = does not hinder movement.

In addition, the strap that wraps around the leg is angled in a V shape with a tegris sheet on the back, so it is designed to stay in place even when running around.

■More flexible customization The holes on the top and sides of the pouch and the slit on the bottom can be customized through the bungee cord.
You can use it freely, such as stopping a tourniquet or stopping a psyllium.

A bungee tab can be attached to prevent the magazine from falling out by using the hole on the top of the pouch and the hole on the back plate.

In addition, the back plate has 3 stages of slits in the attachment part of the belt connection parts, so you can use it in your favorite position.
The belt connection part uses 1 inch webbing, so it can be securely attached to a MOLLE belt.

■Comfortable and right-handed or left-handed
The belt fixed to the leg can be slightly stretched with the elastic band next to the buckle.
This stretch is the secret to the fit.
It is designed so that the belt does not dig in and slip off whether you are crouching or running.

In addition, this belt can be used as a left-hander by pulling it out and attaching it in reverse.
The leg rig body has a symmetrical design, so you can use it on either the left or right side by simply changing the direction of the belt.

*Insert sold separately
Please use it with an elastic insert (sold separately) as a set.

Compatible inserts and quantities
M16/AK x 2 (1 piece)
G3 series x 2 (1 piece)
MP5 series x 2 (2 pieces )

x 2 for handgun (2 pieces )

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