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Outrange Container

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Multicam Black
Great for survival games/camping/travel/work.
Introducing a storage bag that can stand on its own with a cushion!
It is a 2-way type bag that can be carried by hand as well as on the shoulder with the attached strap.

There are 3 storage areas in total.
The largest main compartment is fully padded and softly lined to protect its contents.
It is safe not only for handguns and magazines, but also for gadgets that dislike impacts and scratches such as PCs, tablets, and cameras.

Since it is a box type with cushions on the bottom and sides, the shape of the lid is also devised.
Fastens with two zippers and a flap with Velcro.
The two pulls are connected with a paracord, so you can operate the two zippers at the same time by grabbing and pulling the paracord when opening or closing.

In addition, it is possible to paste patches etc. on the soft fabric of the lining.
In addition to patches, you can add as many inner pockets as you like by attaching a pouch with Velcro.
It is convenient to put small items or items that you want to take out immediately in the pouch attached near the zipper.

The second large front pocket is easy to open and close with a double zip.
With a gusset of 4 cm, it is a size that can easily store PET bottles and BB bottles.
In the case of town use, it is a convenient size to put a folding umbrella, mug bottle, wallet, etc.

VOLK ribbons and tags, and 10 x 5cm patch space are placed on the front.
Paste your favorite patch.
It uses Velcro with the same pattern as the main unit, so you don't have to attach anything.

The last is a slit pocket on the back.
The pocket on the side of the body is safe for storing things you don't want to lose, such as smartphones and commuter passes, as well as thin items such as tickets.
It can be opened and closed with one hand, so it is convenient when you have a lot of luggage.

It's a large bag with a capacity of 45 x 30 x 23 cm including the pocket, but the OutrangeContainer, designed by a craftsman who specializes in bags, can be full and heavy.
It is made to prevent it from becoming distorted and difficult to hold even if you put heavy objects in it.

■ size
Overall size: about 45 x 30 x 23 cm
Main internal dimensions: about 43 x 27 x 17 cm
A front pocket: Approximately 40*27*5cm
Slit pocket: 18×22cm

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