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Multicam Black
Multicam Tropic
Multicam Arid
Jungle Stalker Camo
New design, new fanny pouch.

The current VOLK has rebuilt the popular VOLK FANNY POUCH.
It has been reborn as the "Type E" series by VOLK's equipment craftsmen, renewing its shape, usability, and materials.

■ Shape
The basic shape is similar to the shape generally recognized as a fanny pouch.

Three main features
1. Larger capacity with pattern improvement! Convenient front pocket
The external box-shaped front pocket has been enlarged along the shape of the main body.
The zip width of the opening is almost the same, so the pocket looks the same size, but the three-dimensional space secured to the end of the main body has evolved into a fairly large capacity.
Please go here for items that are frequently taken in and out.

2. Deeper and easier to use! slit pocket
The pattern of the pocket on the back of the pouch (body side) has also been improved to increase the depth.
It is convenient for storing thin items such as mobile phones, commuter pass holders, and pocket tissues.

3. Three-dimensional sewing that curves snuggle up to the body
Since the waist and torso where the pouch is attached are not straight, a bag with a linear design will float from the body and create a gap.
This pouch is sewn to draw a gentle curve, so it fits perfectly wherever you wear it.
Since it does not float from the body, it can be used comfortably with little flapping.

The 3 zip pullers have the same HANK tabs as the equipment.

The webbing on the left side has a seam so that the attached carabiner does not shift.
It is a convenient position for hanging key chains, masks, etc.

■ New Color!
A fanny pouch with a total of 8 colors with the addition of new colors.
Introducing each color.

・Multicam Black
Cordura nylon with regular multicam print imported from the United States as well as the equipment.
A color that is easy to use every day, printed in shades of green to gray on a black base.

This is also genuine multicam printed cordura nylon imported from the United States, just like the equipment.
The standard colors are great for everyday use even when paired with equipment.

Cordura nylon imported from the United States as well as the equipment.
Other than the name ribbon and brand tag, everything is unified in black.

・Multicam Tropic
Cordura nylon with regular multicam print imported from the United States as well as the equipment.
Forest-like colors are perfect for summer.

Cordura nylon with regular multicam print imported from the United States as well as the equipment.
Versatile colors that are suitable for outdoor activities.

・Deadstock OD
90's deadstock fabric.
Cool coloring that brings out the atmosphere of black borders by combining black parts.

・Jungle Stalker Camo
Combine the rare jungle stalker with black parts.
It's a familiar camouflage that anyone who knows can understand.

This is also a rare prototype fabric.
Compared to other colors, this fabric is firmer, firmer and more glossy.

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