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EDC Ambi Shoulderbag/typeE

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Multicam Black
Coyote Brown
Masterpiece BAG "EDCAmbi Shoulderbag" made by VTG Labo is completed!

A shoulder bag that has all the functions and designs that VOLK wants now.

Craftsmen who have been manufacturing VOLK equipment for many years have realized the attention to detail and quality that cannot be achieved by mass production.

■Strap This familiar strap has the same structure as a 2-point sling.
If you pull the part with the paracord and move it, you can adjust the length smoothly and without stress.
Even when wearing thick outerwear, the bag can be easily attached and detached.

Two D-rings connect the main body and the strap.
You can wear it on the right or on the left without any discomfort by changing the strap.

In addition, by adjusting the length and passing the excess part through the attached elastic band, you can use it comfortably without fluttering.
If it's still too long, you can store it in the mesh pocket on the back.

■Body front side compartment The main compartment and subcompartment have double zips with laser-cut handles.
It is designed to be easy to open and close even if it is hung on the left or right.
The material of the handle is a special material called Hypalon, which is used for plate carriers.
A durable coated nylon with excellent water resistance and high tensile strength.
*The current product has been updated from Hypalon to HANK.

The inside of the compartment is finished with pack cloth.
The seams of the nylon are not exposed, so you can use it comfortably even if you put small items in it.

■We deploy various slit pockets on the front pocket surface.

・The smartphone pocket on the left end of the smartphone pocket is a slit type that is easy to put in and take out.
A soft cloth is attached to protect the screen of the smartphone from scratches and wipe off dirt on the screen.

・Pen holder The pen holder has a slightly roomy size and is designed to easily fit multi-color ballpoint pens, thick marker pens, and fountain pens.
Also for thin lights and folding fans.

・Pocket with flap
VOLK The plastic wrap with handle that was once a popular product is back!
If you hold the handle and pull it up, you can open and close it with no look.
Match it with the original ribbon attached to the corner for a rugged bag accent.

■ Paracord loops are provided on both sides of the main unit and back .
Great for hanging key chains and carabiners.

A large mesh pocket is provided on the back.
It is convenient to put things that you want to take out immediately.

Of course, all the materials used for the equipment are used.
Multicam fabric is nIR (anti-infrared camouflage specification) fabric.

EDC (Everyday Carry) : Can be used every day
Ambi : Ambidextrous

VOLK's full-body shoulder bag with a focus on design, function, materials, and everything.

*The black color has undergone a minor change.

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