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TAC MOUT KAMEEZ *Limited quantity

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Asuka Sewing x VTG Collaboration Latest Camise

*This latest model is a limited quantity item that is only available in this lot!

-This latest model uses 20s ripstop from Protex, a domestically produced material. Protex is a functional fiber with high flame retardancy while taking advantage of modacrylic fiber's characteristics of flexibility and excellent dyeability.
It is a flame-retardant fiber that has self-extinguishing properties, and has properties that prevent it from spreading, and it has carbonized properties that make it difficult to melt (hard to dissolve). The color is tactical gray.

・Although kameez are often made of thin cotton fabric, strength is ensured by using ripstop fabric.
The lattice ripstop minimizes tearing when the fabric is accidentally snagged.
In addition, with the assumption that equipment will be worn and a sling will be used, the shoulder area is made of double fabric, and many areas that are expected to be subject to strong loads, such as the shoulder, arm area, pocket flaps, and hood area, are sewn with double stitches. Ensures strength.

・The high-neck sandproof YKK zipper hides the mouth when the zipper is closed all the way to the top, preventing sand and dust from entering the zipper and preventing it from being misaligned or damaged.

- Unique hood that naturally hides half of the face and the slack on the sides makes it reminiscent of a robe.The hood part is designed with a three-dimensional pattern that is divided into three parts to create a natural silhouette without sharpening the top of the head.
The large size allows you to wear it with a cap, headset, or even a helmet.

-In addition to the sleeve pockets, there is also a patch space on the back under the neck for identification.
We are also particular about the shape of the pocket; there is no gusset on the front side, and there is only a gusset on the back side.
This is a design to eliminate snags on the moving direction side and also secure capacity.
In addition, by dividing the Velcro that secures the pocket flap into two parts, the tension is just right, not too hard and not too loose when opening and closing.
When opening the flap, you can easily open the flap by hooking your finger on the middle part where there is no Velcro.

・The cuffs are designed to be wider so that it is easier to roll up the sleeves even with non-stretch fabrics, and the size adjustment straps are shortened to allow for a wider adjustment range. It is fixed with Velcro.

Material / Protex 20s ripstop (66% cotton, 34% modacrylic)
/ YKK Dustproof Zip Collar / Tactical Gray

The size is 1 size.

Width: 60cm
Length: 98cm
Shoulder width: 50cm
Sleeve length: 64cm

*Measuring when placed flat

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