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SS-Pouch / HG×2

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High versatility by combining high-strength Squadron material and elastic elastic nylon

Two pistol magazine adaptation size

Squadron material is used from the bottom of the pouch to the back, straps, and pull tabs.
Elastic nylon is used for the bag part, and the pouch itself applies tension to the contents to prevent them from falling out.
A tool pouch that can hold anything with a similar shape by expanding and contracting the pouch.
Another advantage of the elastic pouch is that it becomes thin and compact when not in use.
The upper part of the pull tab has a loop shape that allows the cord to pass through, and it is also possible to attach an optional bungee tab by using the cord hole deployed on the back side. Since the back has a mall slit, it can be attached to belts, mall compatible equipment, straps, etc. In addition, the tip of the molle strap has a built-in tegris material, making it easy to attach to the molle equipment and firmly fixed after installation.

This product is a size suitable for two pistol magazines, and can carry most items of the same shape such as tool kits and knives.

* Contents and other accessories are not included.

Material / Squadron, Elastic Nylon, Tegris
Size / Width approx. 9.5cm Height approx. 11cm Thickness = Varies depending on contents
Weight / 40g

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