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SBPC / Satan's Beetle Plate Bag

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Multicam Black
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SBPC/ Satan's Beetle Plate Carrier

Satan's Beetle Plate Bag

This product is a set of a plate bag and shoulder strap socks. The shoulder strap socks are made of stretchable water-repellent material Flex (SAM1). The same material has a low coefficient of friction and allows the shoulders to move smoothly without hindering movement.

*Core and cummerbund are sold separately.

Flex (SAM1), a stretchable water-repellent material, is used on both sides of the plate bag, making it suitable for swimmer cut size M, Sapicut S, and M size plates.

The space created by removing the release function in the shoulder area and moving the shoulder strap as close to the neck as possible allows the stock to be attached along the plate, making it easier to wear on the shoulder. At the same time, the range of motion of the shoulders is also ensured. By narrowing the width of the shoulder strap inward, we minimized the excess at the neck of the plate bag and widened the width from front to back. This reduces the effect of moving the head in and out.

Double Russell mesh cushioning is used on the body side of the plate bag up to the front and rear bases of the shoulder straps, and 8mm thick cushioning that can be inserted and removed is built into both sides of the spine, creating an air route in the center. The design is designed to ensure this while also reducing the burden on the human body. It reduces stuffiness on the human body, reduces strain, and ensures breathability.

The chest pocket with a waterproof zipper can be used to store small memo pads, thin items, and excess cords. There are Velcro loops (female) with laser-cut malleable slits on the front and back of the plate bag, allowing you to attach malleable equipment or attach patches.

On the front, there are two squadron loops on the left and right where PTT switches (PTT keepers) can be attached. It has loops for attaching two 1-inch split buckles needed to attach the core.

Designed to maintain compatibility with the placard system, it is possible to install not only our various cores but also other companies' products. The side zipper on the back is CRYE compliant, and our DPC zip-on back panel can also be installed.

The Velcro One Wrap tape loops placed in all four locations are used to tie cords and secure the antenna.

Place the cummerbund between the back flaps and secure with Velcro. We also recommend installing the newly arrived cummerbund 2R.


Color / Multicam, Multicam Black, Black, Ranger Green, Wolf Gray, JGSDF / Type 2 camouflage *JGSDF is TTGD 500D x 500D bonded nylon fabric (anti-IR treatment)

Weight / 360g

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