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Faster and more comfortable loading and unloading of magazines.
The kydex insert is complete.
The production is "Orange County Works" familiar with holsters.

The 3mm thick Kydex insert is designed to hold the magazine in the front and back constrictions.
2 sizes for M4 magazine and handgun magazine.

It is used by setting it in the Squadron mag pouch " Pistol-W MagPouch", " PistolMagPouch+Flap", and "NG HG-S".
Attach the attached hook-and-loop fastener, pinch the opening and insert it to complete the set.
*Two hook-and-loop fasteners are included in the front and back, but the back alone provides sufficient fixing strength.
If you need to attach and remove a lot, it is recommended to attach only the back side.

In addition, it is possible to adjust the tension according to the type and taste of the magazine.
Warm the area near the front constriction with a heat gun or hot air from a hair dryer, adjust the angle, and allow it to cool before using.

■ size
M4: Approximately 7cm in width X approximately 12cm in height
HG: about 4 cm wide x about 12 cm high

▼ Click here for the magazine pouch

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