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We have started handling items from " 3 MADE ISSUE ", a brand from Fukuoka that realizes military, outdoor and fashion at a high level!

A local military design project from Fukuoka.
Active in a wide range of fields such as design, illustration, writer, and goods development.
Currently serializing "Monthly Green Beret" in World Photo Press Combat Magazine.

Twitter: @dj_tyuu

The "three bolts of lightning" inscribed with the sword on the Green Beret Insignia means [anywhere on land, sea, or air]. The lightning bolt, which has tripled to nine, is no longer an invincible fleet.

Yoshiyuki Tomino, Motonari Mouri, and other great people say that it is three times faster, stronger, and firmer than in ancient times. Of course there are no legs because the performance is too good, but the back side is Velcro.

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