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An evolved version of ALLBLACK operator pants, which are popular for everyday wear, as well as being easy to move around in and go well with equipment.

■Original parts Like the previous model, the buttons and rivets are also original.
All buttons on the front fly, including the top button, are designed with the HEXlogo surrounded by the words VOLK TACTICAL GEAR.
The rivets are designed with the letters VTG, and both are finished in semi-matte BLACK.
The leather patch also uses thicker leather than the previous model, making the engraving more clearly visible.

■Pockets The 9 popular pockets have been kept in their original layout, but the pattern and depth have been adjusted to make them even easier to use.

・Front thigh pocket This pocket, which is the most popular, is easy to put in and take out even while sitting, and the corners of your smartphone will not dig into your torso.
The embroidery on the thigh pocket is perfect for storing a smartphone or magazine, and the Inazuma logo is a strong accent in the dark black color.

・Front pocket The large coin pocket is easy to use even for men with large hands, but the cutting pattern at the entrance has been changed to a standard radius.

・Back Pocket The back pocket follows the design that makes your legs look long and your buttocks look great.
The side tool pocket is 12.5cm, which is 2.5cm deeper than the previous model, making it easier to store items.
This pocket allows for easy access to pens, hand lights, multi-tools, knives, etc.

■Color All regular denim pants have white weft threads, but this product has both the warp and weft threads black, giving it a deeper black finish.
The fabric inside the pocket is also all black, with the exception of the lightning bolt embroidery.
The sturdy 12.6 oz fabric with stretch is the same as the previous model.

This product is made of stretch fabric, so it is stress-free and comfortable to wear in any position.
The black color is easy to match with your equipment as well as everyday wear, so it's sure to be a useful item!


Unit (cm) M L
waist 40.5 42.5
Rise 24.5 26
hip 48 50
crossing width 28 29
Hem width 19 19
inseam 77.5 79.5
*Measured when placed flat

M size : 30-32 inches equivalent
L size : Equivalent to 32 to 34 inches *Since the shape is different from regular denim pants, it is not possible to indicate inches under the same conditions.
This number is a guideline based on waist size.

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