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VTG latest soft shell jacket * Limited quantity product

The 3D cutting creates a natural fit that does not put stress on the human body.

The moss gray main material has a calming atmosphere, and the surface has a slightly rough texture similar to sharkskin. It has low reflection and weak water repellency, and is also stretchy and flexible. There is no rustling sound caused by the fabric passing through, which is typical of nylon jackets.

The inner torso is lined with stretch mesh for ease of movement and breathability. The sleeves are sewn with a smooth nylon lining that has a low coefficient of friction so that your arms can move smoothly when you pass them through or move. By changing the inner layer to a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or fleece, you can use it for long seasons other than summer.

There are 5 pockets in total: 2 main pockets, both sleeves, and the chest pocket.The inner material of the main pocket and chest pocket is also made of stretchable mesh material, and when the zipper is opened, it also functions as ventilation. If your body temperature rises due to exercise, you can keep your clothes comfortable by releasing the ventilation before you sweat.

All zippers are dustproof and waterproof, making it safe to wear outdoors. The handle has a non-slip surface, making it easy to open and close even when your hands are wet or you are wearing gloves. All zippers have lids that cover the handles to protect the zip top. The main zipper on the front can be opened and closed from the bottom with a double zip. It can also be used when drawing first line equipment smoothly.

The Velcro pile on both sleeves has a short pile to prevent pride from sticking to it. The Velcro sewn into the sleeve adjustment strap uses highly secure Velcro.

The inside of the hem and three-dimensionally cut hood are equipped with shock cords and cord locks so that the hem and hood can be tightened and secured. The hem part prevents wind from entering, and the hood part is designed to be tightened so that the hood fits completely on the head and expands visibility on both sides.

There is a tag and loop on the inside neck.

The design is simple at first glance, but it is a piece with a lot of attention to detail throughout. It was designed and manufactured with the premise that it can be used in a variety of situations, such as everyday wear, as well as outdoor activities and survival games . Don't miss out on this rare soft shell jacket, which is rarely produced at VTG!

Currently during the campaign, a novelty limited leather patch and a special glass wiper are included.


* Other products such as images of equipment being worn are not included.


Size (cm) Width Length Sleeve Length Hem width
M 56 67 52 55
L 59 70 53 58

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