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Low Visibility Micro Rig / SMG Type

Can carry a total of 4 submachine gun magazines (MP5, MP7, pistol long magazine, etc.). You can carry tourniquets, radios, etc. in the pockets on both sides. The mag pouch part is made of stretchable elastic material, and a part of the surface is made of high-strength squadron so that additional equipment can be attached, and a morse slit is laser-cut on the squadron. You can easily put it on and take it off by adjusting the shoulder harness and waist strap, setting the length, and releasing the front buckle.

Considering that it can be worn inside clothing, this chest rig has been designed to be as slick as possible without using plastic parts that may stand out when worn.

*Contents and other equipment are not included.Materials

Material / Squadron, elastic band, nylon webbing

Core size/width approx. 48cm

Waist strap adjustment width up to 90cm

Shoulder harness adjustment width up to 110cm

Weight / 220g

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