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Kangaroo Core-G2

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・Evolution model of popular Kangaroo CORE with high expandability and convenience

Combine the VSH (shoulder harness) and waist strap to create a chest rig.
Combine plate bag and cummerbund to use as plate carrier CORE.
This core can be used by setting various elastic inserts of your choice.
Velcro pile (female) is sewn on the inner body side of the core, and Velcro hook (male) is sewn on the inner surface side.
All our elastic inserts can be removed with Velcro.

The entire core is constructed from Squadron nylon.
The surface and bottom have laser-cut molle slits, and the upper part has a cord hole, so you can add and carry various molle system compatible equipment and bungee tabs.
Two rows of 1 inch Velcro pile are deployed on the surface. It is a size that can be pasted on a general patch.
The four loops on the core side can be used to attach an additional buckle or to carry a carabiner or psyllium.
Of course, it is also compatible with VBS (equipped with our cordura nylon).

* Only the core part is for sale. Harnesses, patches, inserts and bungee cords for images of wearing are sold separately. Magazine not included.

*JGSDF is TTGD 500D x 500D bonding nylon fabric (anti-IR treatment)

Size of the core pouch part / length about 13.5 cm width about 22 cm thickness about 3 cm
Weight / about 125g

■ Latest material "Squadron"

Water-repellent nylon fabric specialized for laser cutting.
I tried laminating similar fabrics in Japan, but I couldn't make the same thing because the bonding strength was insufficient compared to Squadron.
We import and use the latest fabrics used by equipment manufacturers in the USA.


A CORE with a width that can hold 3 M4 size magazines, made entirely of laser-cut Squadrons.

▼ Click here for compatible inserts
M4 size x 3 inserts

2 x MP5 size inserts

Please mix and match as you like .

*Additional buckles are required when used as a chest rig or combined with a VBS cummerbund.

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