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MultiSplitCore-G2 SET

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*The waist strap in this set is a standard size.

A modern version of the load bearing vest!
Light, small and expandable.
Introducing the "MultiSplit" chest rig, which uses the latest materials and has become more compact according to the times.

The previous VBS/VCR series CORE is a small capacity model for CQB.
The MultiSplit, on the other hand, is geared towards modern warfare environments that mix urban areas and jungles.

A front split type that connects two mag pouches that are one size smaller than the CORE-Kangaroo Flap with a buckle.
Each pouch is large enough to hold up to 3 M4 magazines.
The left and right pouches are connected with two buckles, making it easy to put on and take off.
If you remove the buckle, you can smoothly transition to prone style or crawling forward.

The main body of the pouch has a flat shape without a gusset and is not thicker than necessary.
Since it is an insert type, please use it by inserting your favorite insert.
In addition, although it is designed to be thin, it uses a sturdy Squadron as the main material, so it can be used as a base to attach your favorite pouch to the surface without inserting an insert.

For the first time in the series CORE, cushion mesh is deployed on the entire surface for breathability and body protection on the back of the pouch.
It is a comfortable design that all the staff who try it on say "This is good! It's comfortable!"

We also ensure compatibility with the VBS/VCR series, so you can use it in combination with your favorite straps, pouches, and back panels.

The vertical slit at the bottom of the pouch is MOLLE compatible, so you can add accessories such as magazine pouches and grenade pouches.
By making the slit horizontal, it is possible to minimize the height (vertical width) of the entire chest rig when adding accessories.

By passing the shock cord through the round hole at the top of the pouch, it can be used to prevent the magazine from falling out.
Please use it in your favorite position according to the contents of the pouch.

Designed to be compatible with not only the VPC series but also the VBS series
You can use the parts you already have.

The recommended way to match is with a plate carrier without CORE
A style that layered MultiSplit in the form of a chest rig.
The volume is perfect, and when it gets hot, just take off the plate carrier and use it as a chest rig.

▼ Click here for compatible inserts
M4 size x 3 inserts

2 x MP5 size inserts

Please mix and match as you like .
*This is the amount that fits in the mug pouch on one side. If you want to put it in both pouches, please purchase x 2 minutes.

*JGSDF is TTGD 500D x 500D bonding nylon fabric (anti-IR treatment)

Core pouch size / Approximately 14.5cm in height (not including drop fins) Approximately 24.5cm in width
The size of the front part of the harness / Length about 36 cm Width about 4.3 cm
Maximum adjustable strap length / about 55cm

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