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BLITZ TAC PRO / limited quantity

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*Please note that this product will be sold in limited quantity only for the first lot and the next lot.

The limited professional model of BLITZ TAC BELT has been changed from 8 layer Tegris to 12 layer Tegris, which strengthens the rigidity towards the outside when the equipment is attached, and also ensures flexibility on the body side by hollowing out by laser cutting.

Sew the Squadron to cover and sandwich the Tegris, and sew 1.5 inch webbing and Velcro hooks on the back of the Tegris where the Squadron is sewn. The webbing on the back is extended and a loop is placed next to the buckle. The loop part is sewn with 12 layers of Tegris to increase strength and make it easier to attach lanyards, etc.

Due to the above sewing method, the functions of the moldings and loops will not be impaired even if some of the stitching becomes unraveled due to long-term use or use in harsh environments. We also reduced the width of each molding by a few millimeters to the necessary limit, and added 3 frames to each size.

By sewing it into 3 parts and separating the Tegris, you can fold it compactly while wearing the equipment and carry it in your equipment bag. This mechanism, which has been well received, will remain the same. The release clip for the Cobra buckle continues to be of L size so that it is easy to handle even when wearing thick gloves.

*Although it is manufactured with the assumption that it will be used for rappelling, actual tests have not been conducted, so it is currently not possible to use it for rappelling.

SM size - 20 frames / Inner belt 83 ~ 95cm / Main belt 85 ~ 97cm
ML size - 23 frames / inner belt 90 ~ 102cm / main belt 93 ~ 116cm

Belt width / 4cm / Thickness including inner main belt approximately 1cm

Weight / 210g

In terms of pants size, S-M size is 28 to 32 inches, M-L size is 32 to 36 inches.

Material / Squadron, Tegris12 layer, 1.5"Webbing, AUSTRAI ALPIN COBRA BUCKLE / ProStyle

There are two ways to use it.
1. Pass the inner belt through the belt loop of your pants and attach the outer belt → If you make the inner belt the perfect size for your body, you can secure it even if the outer belt is a little loose.
→When you want to take off your equipment temporarily, such as when taking a break from a game or going to the bathroom, it's easy because you just need to remove the outer belt.

2. How to wrap it over pants with the inner belt attached → If you adjust the size to fit, you can use it even with the inner belt attached.
→Recommended for those who want to wear a gear belt from above while keeping the pelt on their pants.

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