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VPC/Plate Carrier

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Multicam Black
・Lightweight design exceeding VBS
・High scalability
・Easiness of movement that stress is free

This is a part-by-part sales page for the newly designed plate carrier system, which has been completely redesigned from the materials while maintaining compatibility with VBS.

■ Latest material "Squadron"

Water-repellent nylon fabric specialized for laser cutting.
I tried laminating similar fabrics in Japan, but I couldn't make the same thing because the bonding strength was insufficient compared to Squadron.
We import and use the latest fabrics used by equipment manufacturers in the USA.

■ Plate carrier

VPC-G1 is available only in swimmer's cut.
The advantage of the swimmer's cut compared to ESAPI is the freedom around the shoulders.
The advantage of being able to hold both rifles and handguns compactly is the decisive factor for adoption.
Since the cummerbund is Velcro fixed, it can be used without CORE.

■ Plate hanger
The shoulder part with the lightning mark is a single piece structure that can be realized because it is a Squadron.
This thinness has made it easier to hold the rifle.

■Double raschel mesh (mesh of double structure)

Double raschel mesh with excellent breathability and cushioning is used on the back side of the shoulder pad and plate carrier.
The multi-layered structure provides good breathability and cushioning to protect the body from the weight of the equipment.
Since the surface is smooth, it does not get caught and can be put on and taken off smoothly.

■ MAP pouch

A slit pocket perfect for storing maps and notebooks.
Even with full equipment, it is easy to put in and take out.

■ Side slit
A slit pocket for storing items with clips such as knives and pens.
Since the entrance is cut diagonally, it is designed to be easy to take out from the side even when it is attached.

■ MOLLE system to attach patches

The width of MOLLE on the chest is changed to accommodate KÄGWERKS and Juggernaut Case.
It's good to add accessories, and you can put patches on it because it has a Velcro loop.

■ Core attachment tab

The side release buckle of the attachment is removable, and it also supports the attachment of hook type products of other companies.

■ For mounting various switches

A belt is provided on the top of the core attachment tab to hold the PTT switch, etc.
A switch without a clip can also be fixed with a rubber band.

■ Shoulder pad
The highly expandable VPC-G1 is surprisingly light, but the shoulder pad is made thicker so that even heavy equipment can be comfortably used.
If you bend it by hand before using it, it will become familiar with your body from the first time you use it, making it easier to use.

■ One wrap loop
One-wrap Velcro tabs on the outside of the plate carrier and shoulder pads
Great for organizing antennas, hydration tubes, cables, etc.

■ Plate carrier back

An emergency drag handle is deployed with a laser-cut HANK on the upper back.
Since MOLLE is deployed on the entire surface with laser cut, you can add pouches etc. as you like.

The lower part of the back has a slightly special structure that allows the plate/cummerbund/back panel to all be fixed individually.
The Velcro part on the outermost side (pre-carrying surface) is a pocket type that can store flat items.

In addition, the positional relationship between the front and back is designed so that the back side becomes higher when the cummerbund is fixed at the center of the Velcro.
It fits naturally into the human body and does not interfere with movement.
Of course, you can adjust the height by adjusting the position of the cummerbund. You can wear it anywhere you like.

Laser-cut tabs are installed in the front and rear plate insertion slots.
Peel off the Velcro and pull in the direction of the arrow to open the insertion slot.

*Dummy plates are sold separately.
Please purchase from this page .

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